Fast Food Meal Analysis


Assignment: Analyze a typical fast food meal for nutritional content.

  1. BulletVisit the web site of your favorite fast food restaurant. Use the links below, or find the web site of another restaurant.

  2. BulletReport on the nutritional values of the menu items that you would typically purchase. Be sure to include the following totals:

  3. Bulletcalories

  4. Bulletcarbohydrates (g)

  5. Bulletprotein (g)

  6. Bulletfat (g)

  7. Bulletsodium (mg)

  8. Bulletsugar (g)

  9. BulletIf any of the above is especially high you may want to consider which menu item(s) are responsible.

  10. BulletAnalysis: Would you consider this meal a healthy one? Explain.

  11. BulletWrite all this up and turn it in by the end of the period.

What are you Eating?