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The purpose of this site is to provide assignment information, review materials, and links for my students.

Use the menu above to find materials for your class.

Below are some links I think you may find interesting:

  1. BulletScience Fair Photos

  2. BulletMoustrap-Powered Vehicle Challenge Photos

  3. - A resource for mousetrap-powered vehicles.

  4. BulletTypes of Waves - Really cool animations of waves

  5. Bullet"The Elements" song

  6. BulletDictionary of Chemical Formulas -

  7. BulletVladstudio - Best wallpaper on the internet

  8. BulletBill Nye the Science Guy - science rules!

  9. - who doesn't love Peeps?

  10. BulletScience Museum (Florence, Italy) - see Galileo's finger!

  11. BulletSnowflake Science 

  12. - The Elements  

  13. - Atoms

  14. BulletBalancing Chemical Equations - A good site for practice.

  15. Bullet Quarks, gluons, and more - what are atoms made of?

  16. Bullet A Guide to the Periodic Table - Thanks for the link, Liza!

  17. BulletThe Wooden Periodic Table - A great visual PT.

  18. BulletMendeleev's periodic table - Where it all started.

  19. BulletPosition-Time Graphs 

  20. BulletYour Weight On Other Worlds